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Be different with your business

Recently my wife and I started traveling around the United States. We sold our house, packed our tiny honda civic and started our journey. Being from Florida and wanting to escape the heat we decided to check out Bangor Maine first.

While in Bangor we kept our Sunday morning bagel place tradition alive by going to a local bagel shop called Bagel Central. While we loved the bagels, they were definitely different than your typical bagel. Most bagels are a little chewy, and fluffy. The bagels from Bagel central were more dense, a little “crumby”, but full of awesome flavors.

Every time we went to this place it was packed. Their product was slightly different than most bagel places, but customers loved it. I am sure some first time visitors come in expecting your typical bagel and get something totally different. While most of the time I am sure the new variation rocks their world, some people will not like it.

While most places that have a product try to be like everyone else Bagel Central has made something different and created a huge loyal following.

Bagel Central Bangor

So what does this have to do with online business?

Other than making you salivate over the thought of bagels, I bet you are thinking “why are you telling me this?”

If you want to create a following and customer base that is loyal, loves your product, and promotes it to all of their friends then stop trying to be like everyone else.  TWEET THIS

Stop pleasing everyone: Instead of creating a product or service that everyone will like, create a product that a select few will LOVE.

Find your perfect customer: Take a second to think of your ideal customer. Now think of all the features they not only need and want, but the ones they didn’t know were possible. Find a way to completely rock your ideal customers world, trust me their are more than just this one customer out there.

Dare to be different: Instead of creating another product that has all the same features as everyone else’s. You will probably get customers, but not a loyal following. Do something your visitors need, but do it different.

Basecamp from 37signals is a prime example of this. They created a product (project management software) but made it simple. Their product is not as feature rich as others, but it looks amazing, is easy to use, and always works. They don’t care that they have less features, they just care that the features they do have work and help there customers move their business forward.

Emphasize your differences: If you do something different, let it be known. Don’t hide the fact that you are a small business, or that you use the highest quality ingredients in your pies. Find what sets you apart and let it be known!

Be amazing at what makes you different: If you are going to do something different, don’t just do it different, do it right. If you make pies using a different ingredient then be the best at it. If you make websites using only grayscale, make the best black and white websites in the world.

Making it all work for you

So now that you have read this you probably want to go out and do something crazy with your business, don’t. It might take time, but you will eventually find your difference and how to use it to your advantage. It will come to you, just give it time.  Stay focused on growing your business and one day your “aha moment” will come.

If you already have customers send them a survey a find out what they love about what you do. You may be surprised about what really matters to your customers. Find it, make it even better, and let it be known to everyone.

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    I definitely agree Chris – A few loyal customers that you can count on are definitely more important than a number of customers who aren’t really that interested in your product.

    Finding your IDEAL customer is also really important to figure out your branding and core messaging too!

  2. says

    Hey Chris,

    Just letting you know, both the title and the “Continue Reading” link goes straight back to your home page, meaning that I can’t read the rest!

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